Before market launch, all Rivashield products are rigorously tested, during which we test them to the limit of their durability.

The products are made in China, which is the largest producer and recipient of PPF films. A huge number of Chinese customers use protective film on their premium cars.

Enormous experience of Chinese producers comes from millions of applications per year. Constant investments in the most modern machines allow the production of films with previously unprecedented parameters.

Internal tests proven that Rivashield film is much more resistant to discoloration, yellowing and damage than competitors’ films.

We have a portfolio of products that will satisfy the most demanding customers and provide the highest level of protection available on the market.

We provide support at every stage of the film’s life, and we do not leave our partners and customers alone.

As a producer of premium PPF, we believe that the sale process does not end when the car leaves after the installation. Our support department is always available to help and our experienced team makes sure that the customer satisfaction goal is met and they answer any questions that may arise.

Ceramic coating is a product intended mainly for surface hardening, additionally making it slippery, hydrophobic and antistatic. Coatings are products that help to keep the car clean, but they do not protect against mechanical damage. The thickness of the paint coating on a new car is usually around 100 microns and the thickness of the ceramic coating is only 2 microns.

Rivashield protective films are 210 to 240 microns thick, providing a protective layer thicker than paint.

Ceramic coatings require regular maintenance to maintain their optimal spicifics.

For comparison, colorless films guarantee even lifetime protection of the paintwork against sharp objects, scratches and stone impacts or the effect of sandblasting the paint while driving on highways.

Protecting the car with Rivashield allows you to keep the car in perfect condition without burdensome maintenance.

A car protected with PPF retains its value better and the foil itself is an asset when selling the vehicle.

The most common choice are films from the basic BETA series with a thickness of 210 microns, which provide a very high level of protection compared to other products available on the market.

However if you want to achieve the maximum protection of paintwork and ensure the best aesthetic qualities of the vehicle, we recommend a foil from the ALPHA series with a thickness of 240 microns, which, in addition to the highest level of protection, gives the paint an unprecedented depth and transparency.

Our products are covered by a long-term warranty, which in case of the BETA series is 15 years and in case of the ALPHA film – lifetime.

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  1.   Rinse the car thoroughly with a power washer, starting with the dirtiest parts – wheel arches, rims, body.

  2.   Apply the foam on the car using a foam gun and a dedicated detergent with a neutral pH, then rinse thoroughly with a power washer.

  3.   Wash the rims with brushes and specially designed chemicals.

  4.   To clean the car body, use a delicate glove and two buckets (one bucket with warm water and shampoo, the other only with water for rinsing the glove).

  5.   Rinse the entire car again and dry with dedicated microfiber towels.

  6.   When using a power washer, keep the distance between the nozzle / lance and the element protected / covered with foil at least 60 cm (high water pressure at the very mouth of the lance may cause the foil to cut or peel off).

  7.   Do not point the nozzle at the edges of the foil, as this may cause water to seep under the foil and undermine it.

  8. Before using strong cleaning products, check in an invisible place if they do not damage the foil.

  • Any possible contamination (i.e. dirt caused by insects, bird droppings, etc.) must be removed immediately. Dirt left on the foil for a long time may cause discoloration.

  •   Automatic car washes should not be used.

  •   Do not wash the car in the sun.

  • The vehicle can be safely washed with chemicals that have a neutral pH.

Click here and download the washing instructions in PDF

Washing a wrapped car is no different from washing a regular car.

We absolutely do not recommend washing any car in automatic washers. There is a strong risk of the paint or foil damage.

Brushes used in automatic car washes are often dirty, which may dull the paint or foil and lead to damage. 

Self-service car washes are definitely a safer choice, but you should remember to keep the appropriate distance from the washed element.

The chemicals used in self-service car washes often have an unfavorable pH for the car. For more information on the chemicals used, it is best to consult with a car wash employee to make sure that the products used there have a neutral pH.

Click here and download the washing instructions in PDF

  1.   The guarantor gives a guarantee for the product sold by him.
  2.   The warranty covers the foil for a specified period of time for individual models.
  3.   The product warranty is valid upon presentation of the proof of payment for the service and product registration on the rivashield.com website.
  4.   The warranty covers the repair or replacement of the foil on the entire element if:

– The foil detaches itself from the surface and it is not caused by incorrect application of the foil.

– The foil detaches itself from the surface and it is not caused by incorrect preparation of the car body for wrapping.

– The foil turned yellow from UV radiation.

– The foil cracked from low temperatures.

– The film is delaminating.

  1.  The defective element of the foil will be replaced no longer than 30 days from reporting the defect to the Guarantor.
  2. The warranty does not cover damage to the foil resulting from:

– parking scratches

– collision

– bumps

– any tipe of an accident

– beats

– actions of third parties

– atmospheric conditions of exceptional intensity (e.g. hail, fire)

– improper vehicle care (e.g. polishing, using chemically strong cleaning agents outside the PH scale of 6-8

– protection of the film with unsuitable chemicals for a colorless film, e.g. natural waxes, color waxes, ceramic coatings, hydrophobic coatings not accepted by the Guarantor

The warranty does not cover damage or deformation of the film resulting from:

  • as a result of car use – any scratches, cuts, tears
  • as a result of damage to the paint coating, in particular as a result of previous paint jobs of damaged elements, in places of body and paint repairs, in corroded places, in places where the paint coating is smaller than 70 micrometers
  • as a result of wrapping the paint on which the chemical coating was applied, such as ceramics, quartz, wax, sealant, not earlier than 3 months after application
  • as a result of concealing the fact when returning the car to the wrapping service about the previous treatments referred to in the above point.
  1. The guarantor recommends washing the car in accordance with the “car washing instructions” available at www.rivashield.com
  2. In case of cars after body and paint repairs, or incorrectly painted cars, where the amount of paint is too small, there is a risk of damage to the paint coating during the application of the film, for which the guarantor is not responsible.
  3. In the event that the vehicle was recoated or the paint thickness was less than 70 micrometers, the guarantor is not responsible for any damage to the paint coating during disassembly and application of the foil.
  4. Warranty card duplicates are not issued.
  5. The guarantor may refuse the warranty if the warranty card shows traces of modifications.
  6. The warranty is void if the following requirements are not complied with:
  • After completing the installation of the foil in the winter, where the temperatures are less than 5 degrees Celsius, the vehicles should stay in the studio for 24 hours, ensuring proper evaporation of moisture from under the foil.
  • In case of washing the vehicle with power washer, it is forbidden to place and wash at a distance of less than 60 cm from the foil or the edge of the foil – it may cut or tear the foil off the paint.
  1. The replacement of the film is due only if, in the opinion of the guarantor, its repair is not possible.
  2. A warranty repair extends the warranty only for an element of the newly replaced foil.
  3. The warranty does not pass to the next user of the car after sale, unless the guarantor has been informed about it, and the new user has read all the Warrantor’s comments on car care after the service of wrapping and the warranty conditions in this document.
  4. The warranty is valid in the country where the foil application service was performed.
  5. In matters not covered by the warranty conditions of this document, the relevant provisions of the Civil Code and other laws protecting consumer rights shall apply.
  6. The warranty for wrapping the vehicle with foil does not exclude or suspend the rights resulting from the non-compliance of the goods with the contract. At the same time, regardless of the provisions contained in this Warranty Card, the Vehicle Owner is entitled to legal protection resulting from the warranty for physical and legal defects.

Click [HERE] and download the warranty conditions in PDF.

Yes, we have a very rich database of pre-cut templates. For detailed information on availability, please contact us.

The easiest way to verify is the warranty card, which you should receive when picking up the car after applying the foil.

If for some reason you have not received such a card, we suggest to contact us to verify the authenticity of the product.

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